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We like bright and colourful (and being bossed around by a 4 year old)

So a recent conversation in our house went like this.

Orla "Mummy, Daddy I want a new picture in my room".

Us "OK, but we made you new pictures for your room last month and bought a limited edition Little Miss set too. Isn't that enough for now"?

Orla "Yes but I must have a rainbow because it's almost spring, but the rainbow can't be a rainbow but it must look a little like a rainbow"

Us "Um, right, er....."

Orla "and it must have my name on it"

We started thinking about the print and came up with a few ideas, that were obviously rejected, before settling on this one. We love being inspired by our worryingly bossy daughter and now we have another print that has become really popular.

Thanks Orla!

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