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Decoupage Prints, Awesome Moments and Cillit Bang!

A few months ago Orla came to me and said "Daddy you'll always be in my heart". She'd heard it on a TV show and it obviously resonated with her.

I was immediately on my knees holding back the tears while telling my precious, clever, emotionally intelligent daughter how much I love her and always will. She ran off back to the TV.

Twenty minutes later she returns and says "Daddy, Bang, and the dirt is gone!".

I was in the middle of putting together our new range of decoupage inspired prints but the idea of making a Cillit Bang print didn't appeal too much (although there is a lot of temptation to make one just for me).

However I did stop and make this heart and the reaction to this and the whole new set has been AMAZING!

As a really small company its great to hear compliments. It makes all the late nights and early mornings worthwhile. So thanks you wonderful people. Bang!

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