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Expanding the OrlyArt range, oh and family!

This year has been such a great time for us. Very busy, but great. We've been working hard on a whole new range of prints that will be rolled out throughout 2017 and getting our house ready for the impending newest member of our family.

Baby Two (or Taddy Two as we call him or her) is due in December so we are taking a short parental break from December 1st until the New Year. We knew it would be too difficult to juggle markets, sales, orders, two children and two cats all at the same time. (FYI - the cat we make is based on our two).

In some ways it's a shame as we love, LOVE, the atmosphere of Christmas markets and the thought of people opening one of our prints on Christmas morning.

However there isn't anything in the world that would prevent us from enjoying the first few weeks of being a parent to a new baby and enjoying our first Christmas together as a larger family.

We're taking orders until November 30th as normal so please get your Christmas orders in early!

Lots of love, Tom, Karina, Orla (Alfie and Eddie) x

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