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Introducing.... Aoife!

Welcome to our first blog of 2017.

The big news over the last few months is that we have a brand new addition to the family. Aoife was born 6 weeks early in November and it's been a brilliant, emotional, knackering experience ever since!

We're thrilled, Orla is thrilled and our cats... well they don't seem to care so long as they can still sleep on the sofa and get treats galore!

Actually even though we've been on full time parenting duty we have also been working hard to create new prints that will be available really soon. We're very excited about them and you will be too.

We are also moving to a new Facebook page in the next few weeks and have a whole weekend of photographing planned so we can display our lovely prints in even more and better ways. Watch this space!

We also wanted to mention that we have a lovely selection of our prints in our Wimbledon stockist - Fayre and Square. The shop is situated on the first floor of the Centre Court shopping centre in Wimbledon. It's full of really great gifts, art, children's clothes, bags and a myriad of other things. If you get the chance have a visit, we're sure you'll be thrilled with what you find.

We hope that this year brings you all success and happiness and we'll see many of you at the markets, shops and art fairs over the next few months.

All our love, Tom, Karina, Orla and Aoife!

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