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How Liverpool FC inspired the Big Fun Wheel

When I was little Kenny Dalglish was my idol. I used to drive my parents crazy by refusing to go to bed until I'd caught a glimpse of him on Match of the Day. Of course these were the days before video let alone the iPlayer or Netflix, so recording the football was out of the question.

Eventually though I'd retreat to my bedroom where I had a huge LFC poster on my wall with a picture of the team and all the honours they had won.

Just enough light would creep through the gap in the curtain from the street lamp outside to illuminate the poster and I would be able to make out my favourite players and the trophies the team had won.

My imagination would run wild. I would play games in my mind where I am brought on as a late sub and win the game, or hold the European Cup high above my head as the team captain.

Those are some of my favourite memories as a child. Alone in my room but feeling inspired and engaged and willing the morning to come so I could tell my Mum and Dad about my stories, my dreams and how very much I needed (not just wanted) NEEDED the new Liverpool away kit.

After Orla was born I realised I wanted her to have similar memories. I knew these couldn't be forced but I thought it would be great if she had a picture in her room that might inspire her, that would be bright and colourful and full of interesting characters.

So this is how our Big Fun Wheel came to be made.

We've been making up stories about the animals and their adventures ever since and it's become part of our bedtime routine. It's been fantastic to hear how Orla's story telling and imagination has developed in 5 years.

We've also been privileged to make these prints for some amazing customers including a few very A-List celebrities. We added a carousel, a circus, an aquarium (the easiest ever to maintain) and recently a woodland scene and the positive reaction we get from parents and friends has always been thrilling and emotional for us.

We'll take the compliments but of course the real heros here are Liverpool FC, Kenny Dalglish and my parents - without whom none of this would have happened! x

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