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The point of our pointillism prints!

As parents we all know that the early years of our children's lives play a vital part in the person they will become and we try to provide a loving, stimulating environment full of fun activities that help their development.

Squirrel Art Print

Research has shown that bright primary colours increase brain stimulation in babies and that by the time a baby is 8 months old their colour vision is well developed. Their language skills improve through years 1 and 2 and by the time our children are 4 they will be able to identify specific colours and shades and probably already have a favourite. Orla's are pink and purple........ yellow, red, blue and orange!

As our children grow older they want to understand the world better and are able to assimilate a huge amount of information.

With this in mind we wanted to create a series of pictures that could sit happily on their walls through every stage of their development.

Our animal and animal scene prints are designed to be cute additions to a nursery so children can get used to colours and the names associated with them and the animals.

They are based on a simple version of the modern art form of pointillism so we can talk to our daughters about art in general and how different shapes can form a larger picture.

We also wanted to be able to explain how everything in the world is made of atoms and how things can be solid and not at the same time.

Lastly we thought it would be good to be able to make up stories about the animals and their adventures which is why our Big Wheel, Circus, Carousel, GP, Aquarium and Woodland scenes were created.

Inspiring children, bringing colour to plain walls, educating little minds and perhaps starting a life long enjoyment of art and science seemed like a great goal.

It doesn't always work, especially when your eldest daughter is obsessed with everything being purple, but we're thrilled to be trying!

Tom and Karina x

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