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Summer Update 2020

So we've all been in lockdown but not all of us have had the same experience. For some it's been lonely, others a welcome break with the kids. We've been home schooling (maths is NOT a strong point!), making bug hotels in the garden and a total mess in the kitchen!

Luckily we have also had some brilliant customers who have continued to support us. Small businesses like ours have been hit hard in the last few months but we are so grateful for all the messages, enquiries and orders. Thank you!

The big OrlyArt news is that we're about to launch a small range of greetings cards. Out customers have been asking us to do this for years but for some reason we haven't got around to it. Lockdown has been a little productive at least! So look out for those in the next few weeks.

We hope all of you are well and we look forward to some kind of normality soon. Stay well.

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