The Importance of Art in a Child’s Development

As parents we know that the experiences our children have in the early years of their life play a vital role in the person they will become. 


We invest so much in our children from clothes and nursery equipment to prams and buggies and we all want the same thing - to ensure they are loved, cared for and have the best possible start in the world. 


As a specialist art company we make pictures that are designed to aid in their development and be a constant companion for your child throughout their early years and into adulthood. 


We incorporate bright colours, cute animals and interesting shapes into our pictures that capture our children’s attention and engage and stay with them in a way that few other things in their early life do. 


Think about it. Their bedroom is a place they will spend so much of their time. Why shouldn’t it be an interesting and stimulating environment? 

Naming the animal characters and discussing their adventures also sparks their imagination and develops a level of creativity that takes on its own life, often adding to the bedtime story routine and making the experience a fulfilling and exciting one. Just don’t blame us if bedtime takes 10 minutes longer sometimes! 


Art has an emotional resonance with all of us. In time our pictures might move from the bedroom wall but because they are part of wonderful early experience they’ll find new places in our children’s first home and who knows maybe one day even on the wall of our grandchildren’s bedrooms!


We work from our home studio in Surrey with our two daughters, two cats and an ever increasing number of coffee cups.  We love what we do and hope that comes across in every area of our business. 


Tom and Karina, 2018

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