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10 Years and Brand New Things!

We've all had an interesting, and somewhat challenging, time in the last few years.

After lockdown I decided that it would be good to focus on the family for a while. And then after spending loads of time with the kids, I also decided that it was time to spend a bit of time without them!

As they've grown so has our little business. Being a small business these days is incredibly hard, so it's especially amazing that, with the support of our amazing customers, family and friends, we've managed to keep going for over 10 years!

We started OrlyArt to make interesting and engaging pictures for children, we still do, with lots of new prints to come in the next few months. It's a real passion. But we also wanted to expand a little. Hence our new Home and Cards ranges that we hope you'll like. We have a whimsical sense of humour in this household, and a little softy side too, check out our prints and see it they tickle you as much as they do to us!

Love, the OrlyArt team.


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