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Solar System, Mars and a dilemma

All kids love space and our daughter is no exception.

One of our solar system prints has been hanging in her room from before she was born so she has grown up looking at the bright colours and gradually understanding the planets.

Of course she thinks they should all be purple (her favourite colour), except Mars because that's called the red planet so obviously has to be green.

Space X has announced that it will be the first private company to land on Mars and it's very possible that in our lifetime we might witness someone walking on Mars too. Orla is four and it got us thinking. Would we want her to be the first person to step on the red planet?

Yes because of the enormity of the achievement but actually no because of the risk. Huge achievements aside, we'd rather she wasn't 225 million km away!

The truth is it would be her choice and no matter how much we might secretly hate it, we would support her all the way.

We'd just always wonder what she would have become if we'd put a fairy princess print in her room instead!

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